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  1. New, free OneNote for OS X is a preview of the next Office for Mac apps
  2. Microsoft OneNote - Download
  3. Create and share a digital notebook

This free trial version will require you to stay logged into your Microsoft account.

New, free OneNote for OS X is a preview of the next Office for Mac apps

Microsoft OneNote allows users to freely type, draw, or insert media anywhere on a document page. You can start by typing out an idea and articulate it with a quick paint sketch. Occasionally there are minor hiccups when importing pictures from the web. You can further improve your notebook by adding in time stamps, spreadsheets, web links, attaching files, or even recording audio.

Microsoft OneNote - Download

Microsoft OneNote allows you to send your note over e-mail, save as a large number of document types, or share via meetings and invitations. Each menu and tab is clearly labeled and includes recognizable Microsoft icons.

OneNote for Mac 2016 Tutorial

Large plus signs will allow you to quickly insert new sections and pages on the fly. As with other Office products, Microsoft OneNote relies on use of the tool bar or corresponding hotkeys. You can also right click to bring up a convenient editing menu. The layout is very clean without any clutter. The program generally functions quickly, even when embedding or attaching large video files. Even if you become disconnected from your Microsoft account you can still work on a document and save it for later.

When a session is restored you will be able to once again directly share with others or save to cloud storage. Microsoft OneNote has many powerful tools to easily create a detailed notebook and share them with others. To check your preferences, on the Safari menu, click Preferences , and then click General. Double-click the file that you downloaded in step 5 to place the Microsoft Office This step might have been performed for you. In the Microsoft Office If the installation finishes successfully, you can remove the update installer from your hard disk. To remove the update installer, first drag the Microsoft Office To remove this update This update does not include an uninstall feature.

Create and share a digital notebook

To restore your application to its original state, delete it from your hard disk, reinstall it from your original installation disk, and then install the updates that you want. Additional Information If you have trouble installing this update or using Office applications after you install this update, try the following: Make sure that the Microsoft Office folder is located in the Applications folder on the startup volume.

If it is at another location on your computer, move it to the Applications folder on your startup volume, and then try installing the update again. Restart your computer and try installing the update again. Make sure that the user account you use to authenticate the update installer is an administrator account. For more information about administrator accounts, see Mac Help. When the Welcome to Office: Mac screen appears, select the option, Enter your purchased product key.

Enter the product key from the retail package of Office for Mac , and then click Activate. Activate office for Mac Find your product key for Office for Mac Get support. Expand your Office skills. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback?

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