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In this article. Windows 10, Windows 8. The following client apps are available: Feedback We'd love to hear your thoughts. Choose the type you'd like to provide: Product feedback Sign in to give documentation feedback. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Content feedback. Submit feedback. There are no open issues. View on GitHub. Windows 10 client in the Microsoft Store. Administrators can enable transport layer encryption to mitigate this risk. RDP sessions are also susceptible to in-memory credential harvesting, which can be used to launch pass the hash attacks.

The vulnerability allowed a Windows computer to be compromised by unauthenticated clients and computer worms. RDP client version 6. There are numerous non-Microsoft implementations of RDP clients and servers that implement subsets of the Microsoft functionality.

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In , rdesktop was forked as FreeRDP, a new project aiming at modularizing the code, addressing various issues, and implementing new features. The Windows' Remote Desktop Connection client can be used to connect to a server. Proprietary RDP client solutions such as rdpclient are available as a stand-alone application or embedded with client hardware.


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This protocol is compatible with all RDP clients, such as that provided with Windows but, unlike the original RDP, can be configured to accept unencrypted and password unprotected connections, which may be useful in secure and trusted networks, such as home or office LANs.

By default, Microsoft's RDP server refuses connections to user accounts with empty passwords but this can be changed with the Group Policy Editor [39]. External and guest authorization options are provided by VRDP as well. It does not matter which operating system is installed as a guest because VRDP is implemented on the virtual machine host level, not in the guest system.

The proprietary VirtualBox Extension Pack is required. Microsoft requires third-party implementations to license the relevant RDP patents. Security researchers have reported that cybercriminals are selling compromised RDP servers on underground forums as well as specialized illicit RDP shops.

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Remote Desktop Client na Mac - Download

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